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  1. So how do I pay for the item

    1. Hello Malvo. Thanks for contacting us. Payments are made monthly via Mpesa or Bank transfer for Lipa MosMos. for more you can Chat/Call your Upgrade companion at +254 734 426926

      1. I want to order this TV how is the payment done and installments

        1. Hello Sumaiya. Glad to hear that. Simply get your Tv Upgrade from GranTech Kenya at you can call us if you need more information on the same.

      2. Hi.. I want to order Mobil phone huawei Y6, how is de payment dn..

  2. Where is that ps4… i want it in hire purchase

    1. Hello Calvin. Simply shop for the Ps4 500GB with 10Games at Cash price Ksh.41,000. You can Lipa MosMos Ksh.9,203 per month as you use.Chat/Call your Upgrade companion at +254 734 426926

  3. If I order at night can it be delivered immediately

    1. Hello Mr.Wyzamo. Your order will be delivered first thing in the morning.

  4. Dooes everyone get the gift or it’s chosen few

    1. Hello Tony. The gifts are awarded when you shop. Winners are selected randomly. Simply shop and stand a chance to WIN.

  5. Does everyone get the gift or is the chosen few and is it pro for the ps4 and 10 games

    1. Hello Tony, it is not the Ps4 Pro variant.

  6. Hi…can I get a redmi note 7??…..

    1. Hello Alpha. Yes, you can. Call us at +254 734 426926 and let us UPGRADE YOU

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