Lipa MosMos

Guess what?!

You can now own that smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV or gaming console you’ve always wanted thanks to GranTech’s partnership with Aspira. Aspira offers product financing that enables you to purchase from GranTech and Lipa MosMos!

How does it work?

1. Download the Aspira app from the Google Play Store ( or Apple App Store (
2. Register and share some information about you to find out how much credit you’re eligible for
3. Submit supporting documents (copy of National ID/passport, payslips, bank or M-Pesa statements for the last 3 months) for verification
4. Select your device of choice from GranTech and place your order
5. Review Aspira terms and sign contract
6. Pay a minimum deposit of 20%
7. Get your device from GranTech
8. Pay the balance in installments of up to 12 months

Sounds good like a deal right? Then what are you waiting for?! Get your device from GranTech and Lipa MosMos!

How much will I pay?

Use the calculator below